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Considering the above, I feel this second explanation is more likely. It states
the Delaunes were people of means and were originally from the River Aulne
area in North Western France, Brittany. Aulne translates to Elder and as
certain species, like the willow, will be found in wet areas, so the river takes
its name from the trees and the people living there became the Delaunes.

The Channel Islands also has had many Delaunes residing there, this
suggests the name is almost certainly French, rather than Irish. The Irish
families who moved to North America in the 1800s, I guess were originally
from France and had settled in Ireland having, maybe fled from France in
the 1700s, but this is pure conjecture on my part at this time.

So is Delaune of Irish origin or French, who knows?

Next Month the Origins of the Faunce name.

Before I close I must mention St. Amant as it must be tops for the Delaune
name. I found three Delaune roads, namely, Louis, Leslie and Edna. There is
also a Delaune supermarket, Paint and Body Shop, and a DIY store!

St. Amant is an unincorporated community located in Ascension Parish,
Louisiana. It is situated about 25 miles south-east of Baton Rouge, and
50 miles northwest of New Orleans.

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