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I will commence my report this month by thanking,

on behalf of the club, those members who have kindly made
donations to the club coffers during 2014 - and in
alphabetical order they are : Malc Adams, Mark Ballamy,

Pat Burns, Alan Constable, Chris Cowlard, John Dods, David
Dulake, Jennifer Evans, Mike Hartley, Paul Kenilworth,

Geoff Margetts, Tom O'Connor, Val & Tony Peachey, Roy
Savery, Brian Shambrook, Eddie Starsmeare, Clif Steele,
Dave Tweddell, Don White, Jeremy White and Bill Wright.

As usual - if you want your name to appear in these
headlines just cross my palm with 'silver' or a note of the

realm or a cheque, by way of a donation, and you will
magically appear on next year's list.

Your club subs will be due in January, I am sure David
will be chasing everyone soon, however as a reminder the
subs remain unchanged for 2015 at :

First Claim Member £20.00

Full Time Student £15.00

2nd Claim Member £15.00

Associate £10.00

Under 18's Free

Cont. over

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