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There are two in this photograph that are still members, George Wood 2 nd
from left back row and Monty Watkins the right one of the two in the center.
Others that I knew and will be remember by some are:- Les Pyne, Chip, Ken
Hill, Ken Fletcher and Harold Edmonds. Ed.

December 2014
Dear Family & Friends

What a mixed year we have had!
We started the year in New Zealand polite drivers, only one car seen driving
thro on red, cycle lanes all over the place, very few burglar alarms. People
saying sorry if they bump into you and people holding doors open if they
are there first. And then back to the real world……… drivers with no
manners at least three cars going thro on red, burglar guards at all homes,
razor wire on all fences which are normally 2 m tall, ‘sorry’ is almost a
forgotten word and Cycle at your risk.

Then a sporting icon who could do no wrong while he was winning gold medals

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