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January, that trial has yet to start in earnest, so many postponements.
It seems that here too its cars and taxis against cyclists. If the driver
gets off I think the cycling fraternity could well lynch him!

Fun and games in Parliament: the joke party, the EFF led by the expelled
ANC youth leader, Julius Malema shocked everyone in the election by getting
26 seats in Parliament, all of whom turned up on the first day dressed in
red overalls and hard hats with the ladies in red overalls and aprons. They
claim to represent the miners and the domestic workers.

There have been so many ruckuses in Parliament that the police have been
called in more than once to sort out the commotions. Several arrests and
18 MPs or so suspended without pay until their cases have been heard by
a parliamentary subcommittee. We often watch your boys in the ‘House,’
compared with ours they appear to be like spoilt schoolboys in a debate.

And our national football team has just qualified for the finals of the African
Cup of Nations for the first time since 2008 and we now have risen to the
dizzy height of 67 in the world, so watch out in Dubai in 2018! Since our
captain was killed we now have a white captain, something we thought would
never happen. There has been so much controversy over the quota system
in rugby and cricket. The administrators seem to fail to believe that rugby
& cricket were for years “white man’s” games. The powers that be have
suggested that if it doesn’t happen soon with equality in all sports they
will be forced to take action, and we will really become second rate in our
cricket and rugby teams as well as our football nation.

The weather this year was almost the most terrible winter we have had for
years! The day time temperature as low as 14c and perhaps once or twice
we went down to single figures at night. Maybe we went two or three days
without sun. And as usual summer was greeted with many floods although
our Dams in Natal are all still under 50% full.

At the moment I’m suffering from withdrawal symptoms but Judi is at least
happy. We have had so much cycling on TV this year, all the tours, the Worlds,

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