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Lovely morning, good company and sunshine. 46 miles with Dave, Pete, Steve
and Sarah.
Join us next Sunday, same time and place for another 3 hour steady paced
ride with friends.

Good ride this morning, thanks Sarah, Steve and Pete. Box hill in the
sunshine, beautiful.
Next week, including Reigate and the lanes South of Box. Looking forward
to it.

23 November
No ride to much rain

Good club run this morning in the company of Stevie V, Steve CS and Pete
Jenn. We met up with Cliff and a couple of Brixton CC lads and headed out
to Box Hill with an extra loop up the hill to Ranmore Common. Nice day,
although very misty / foggy down in Surrey but the sun was breaking through
when we came back into Croydon. Me and Steve headed up to the Coach
House cafe in Coombe Park for coffee and Bakewell tart before coming home.
Roads were a bit grotty in places so had to give bike a good clean down
when I got in

Thanks for the
Kav, weather could have been
worse !!!!!
December 2014
Dear Family & Friends

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