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at the Olympics became the man to hate after he shot his girl friend.
‘Accidental’ said the Judge but everybody else knew different. ‘Murder’ the
public cried. He knew she was behind the door. It’s amazing how someone
can fall from grace so easily.

We watched the Oscar trial and the commentators on ’Sky’ each morning,
we actually saw more of the trial on Sky than SABC our local TV.

On top of that Bafana Bafana (South African name for our national football
team) goal keeper and captain was shot in a so called botched robbery
while at his girl friend’s home. Again a Mr Popular until it all came out that
his girl friend had a child by him but his wife was waiting at home waiting
for him to return. The girl friend was barred from both his funeral and
memorial service. Another icon falls from grace.

At least we still have Chad le Clos and boy does he get support even from
the non swimming public. Let’s hope he stays clean and out of trouble. An
unassuming lad if there was ever one.

Then again for the cycling fans we have Louis Meintjies, Darryl Impey and
the MTN Cycling team so we have enough talent to put us in contention
and give us something to cheer for instead of having to switch allegiance
and cheer for the Girls and Boys of the UK, and how about our Rugby sevens

One thing we have found in SA is that the length of a trial or its continuance
lies in the importance of the case or the person on trial.

Do you remember in one of my African Letters about the lorry which ran
out of control and ploughed through the red lights and into several cars,
killing 28 or more? Well his case finally came up for sentencing after many
delays and his final sentence was 15 years with certainly no sympathy from
the public.

Barry Stander our Olympian mountain biker was killed two years ago in

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