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the Commonwealth Games, Tours of California and Rwanda, early season
from the Middle East and then the Classics, an awful lot of them live and
the full race. I’m now at a loss as what to watch; I’m afraid I will have join
Judi and watch the soapies.

Corruption is quite rife, the latest being a developer and her sisters who
have been charged with paying the public works department backhanders
of over R118m over the years to help get her tenders accepted. In the
latest corruption list we were placed 67 from 175 countries so we are not
so bad!!.

We have a new addition to the family, a black and white cat named Harry.
Black and white like the Spurs and Harry because we got him one week after
Harry Rednap was sacked by the Spurs.

Email address just in case anyone feels like
dropping us a line.

Wishing all who read this a Blessed Christmas and a Prosperous 2015


Monday 13 th April

Playing around on the computer came across the De Laune website -
which brought back so many happy memories - thought I would get in
touch ! Very interested and greatly enjoyed seeing all the "old" faces.
Now retired living in Turners Hill, West Sussex - very occasionally riding
(Ashdown Forest) - but still keep a keen interest in cycling (recently went
to the Revolution in Manchester introduced to Dame Sarah Storey - who
recognised the club name !! fame indeed).
Sending seasonal greetings to anyone who might still remember us.
Alec and Brenda Bedford

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