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According to one website the first Delaunes to leave Ireland was a certain
Christophe Delaune (age 34) sailing from Ireland to America, landing in New
Orleans, in 1785 and with him was a Jean Delaune (age 48). Whilst it cannot
be denied that Ireland certainly has had its fair share of Delaunes, many
of whom did leave for North America, this claim is most certainly incorrect.

Further research led me to find a ship, La Caroline, under the command of
a Captain Nicolas Baudin, which had sailed from Nantes, France, on 19 th

October 1785 and arrived in New Orleans on the 17 December. Some of
the passengers moved on to the Lafourche area of Louisiana and further
research finds Delaunes residing to this day in that area, there is even a
Delaune Road in Lockport, a town on the Bayou Lafourche, in the Parish of
Lafourche. (See also below)

On the passenger list were:-

Jean DELAUNE, ship's carpenter - 48
Marie PART, wife - 34
Pierre DELAUNE, son - 1
Marie Celeste DELAUNE, daughter - infant
Christophe DELAUNE, ship's carpenter - 34
Marie BOUDROT, wife - 30
Jean Baptiste DELAUNE, son - 10
Louis Auguste DELAUNE, son - 2
Celeste BOUDROT, Marie's sister - 20

However, these facts do answer the question as to why there are so many
of the Delaune family name in Louisiana. Some of you may remember me
writing about this on my return from New Orleans many years ago having
found some 58 Delaunes in the local telephone directory, and when I first
thought they had travelled down from Arcadia, (maybe some did as there
were certainly Delaneys recorded in Newfoundland in the 1700s)).


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