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1.Roy  Chittleborough     1.Mark Kidney
          1.Richard Preece          2.Brian Saxton       3.Dave Burford
          6.John O’Brien            6.Peter Shepherd     7.David Dulake
          8.Bill Wright             8.Peter Thomas       10. Mary Dods
          11.Mike Peel              13.Mike Harley       16.Steve Pavett
          19.Jayne Wadsworth        22.Peter Gunnell     24.Terri Shotten

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                       Club Rides (Sunday): Meet 9am,

                                Cadence Performance

                            2A Anerley Hill, Crystal Palace,

                                London SE19 2AA

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                                Legends of the RTTC
                     Both Malcolm Adams  & Mark Ballamy
                             have posted on this page

                          There is also a great web site

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