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This letter is a ‘one size fits all’ because I have not been able to use my
       computer of late. The reason is I have been in hospital to have facial surgery
       to remove a skin cancer called ‘Basal cell Carcinoma’ or (BCC) This is a mild
       form of skin cancer that can be contracted at any time from the sun. You
       could get it in your early twenties,  but it might not show until much later in
       life. Although a mild form of skin cancer it should not be left.

        I went into Phuket Hospital on the 24th November 2017, now December 5th
       2017 so twelve days ago. The surgery itself took just over six hours. It was
       painless because I was under a full anaesthetic. The original estimated time
       for the surgery was three-four  hours, but the removal of the tiny spots took
       twice this time due to there being much more hidden work that joined the
       spots together, all cancer cells have to be removed; including the ‘link spots’
       under the skin. After the surgery I regained consciousness in the ICU ward
       but  was  still  not  fully  recovered  from  the  anaesthetic.  The  surgeon  had
       expressed concern about the length of time that I had remained sedated
       due to my age. I lay resting for quite a while before Jead was allowed into the
       ICU, she had a hand mirror with her and I saw my face for the first time since
       surgery. My face was looking bad but I have seen facial surgery before and
       realized that this would likely heal quite well. I was discharged from hospital
       as an 'in-patient' after being there for three full days and was glad to return
       home to our house.

      Twelve days have now elapsed; I have spent most of the time in bed. Today I
       went  to  the  hospital  again  and  saw  the;  surgeon  who  has  removed  the
       stitches from my face. I am probably 70% fully recovered and have to say I
       am pleased with the result and rapid healing that has taken place. I have
       another doctor’s appointment in a week from now so hope this event is almost
       over. I have to commend the surgeon for his delicate facial work

       I have not been able to write or correspond for last two weeks because I was
       told not to wear my reading glasses because of scar tissue that has not
       fully healed around my nose and the possibility of infection.

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