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Jead has done a great job of taking care of me and making sure that I have
       taken my numerous medications on time.

       l have been cut off from using Skype due to some ‘screw up at Microsoft, so
       I need to try and get everything up and running again Not being able to wear
       my reading glasses has been a big handicap.

       If any of you are interested you can find out more about ‘Basal Cell Carcinoma’
       simply go to Google and look at the major hospitals in the US, Britain or the
       EU. This has been a real learning curve for me. I have not done any sunbathing
       and always cover my face and body when working outside.  The spots do not
       look bad; they can extrude a clear or a brown coloured liquid but sometimes
       release tiny drops of blood. The small drips of blood from my nose was what
       made me take immediate action a month ago.

       I have always had periodic medical checks each year so I am annoyed that
       these spots had never been mentioned before in the medical check-ups..

      The weather here has turned very hot so I have remained indoors and will be
       using ‘50’ grade sunscreen, completely cover my skin and take great care in
       the future.

      Again I am sorry it has been a long gap since I last wrote to some of you, but
       now you know the reason,

       Please take care,

       Best wishes to all,

       Jead and John.

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