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On  Monday  the  29 th  November  I
                                               attended the funeral of Wally, I felt
                                               obliged to go as two of his sons
                                               had  made  contact  with  me
                                               following Wally’s death.

                                               After the cremation I was talking
                                               to  some  of  the  others  when  a
                                               gentleman  came  up  to  me  who  I
                                               had  never  seen  before  and  said
                            “was I from the cycling club and where do you meet now
                             Herne Hill” I replied yes we have gone back there. He
                             the said did I know Mike Peel so yes I did, tell him you
                             have been talking to Pete Mulholland. With this I then
                             said I know someone who has been trying to get in
                             touch with you but I could not remember who it was.

                             However  as  soon  as  I  started  to  drive  away  I
                            remembered  it  was  Malcolm  Adams,  Malcolm  had
                            contacted me a few months ago as he had seen that
                            one of my Facebook friends was also a friend of Pete.
                            But Malcolm had not been able to received any reply
                            from Pete on Facebook. I got Pete’s e-mail address for
                            Malcolm so I hope he has now been able to made contact.

                                                                  Mark Ballamy

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