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       Being a relative newcomer to regular cycling, I concluded that I was too old
       to start competitive cycling but after training for two Ride London-Surrey
       100 events in 2016 & 2017 I discovered that what I enjoyed was just cycling,
       and  cycling  longer  distances.  Last  year  I  discovered  Audax  UK
       (,  the  UK  long  distance  cycling  association.
       Last  month  I  finally  managed  to  cycle  an  Audax  event,  the  Bois  Ocaud
       d'Automne 100 near Portsmouth.

       On  a  very  cold
       Saturday morning I
       set off to ride the
       21 km to the start.
       I arrived, signed on,
       got given my Brevet
       card  and  offered
       FREE tea & biscuits.
       Just before 9am we
       gathered outside, were given a briefing and at 9am told we could leave. A few
                                           riders headed off at a fast pace, but
                                           most riders took a leisurely start and
                                           pace which meant people could chat.
                                           We made our way along country lanes
                                           stopping  at  the  one  information
                                           control    before    continuing   to
                                           Whitchurch  where  the  control  was
                                           sensibly located in a pub. After beans
                                           on toast and a pot of tea we headed
                                           off back along country lanes, with a
       climb up Old Winchester Hill. Arriving back at the Arrivee there was more
       FREE tea, sandwiches, cake, biscuits, etc. After a suitable break, I headed
       off. Total distance that day, 149 km.

       Having finally completed an Audax event, I'm planning 100, 200 & 300 km

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