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The first reference I could find in the DLN for the annual Richmond Park Club run
       was 2007 – so we have survived a decade for this event, though Kav advertised it
       then as 4 laps of the circuit followed by mulled wine and mince pies at the finish.    I
       suppose we were all 10 years younger then.

          This year followed a similar set up but the distance required was only 3 laps (or
       as many as you could – or your body would  allow !!!).     Obviously the trimmings at
       the end remained the same.

          As in past years, I travelled across with Kav as Tony was away in the Midlands
       for the weekend, attending the National CTT AGM.    I rather think I enjoyed myself
       far more than Tony did  !!

          Over the years the turnout has fluctuated but it was good to see our intrepid
      'boys and girls' in blue going the distance so to speak.     The riders were Mick & Debbie
      Valentine + 1 dog, Richard Preece, Peter Jenn, Chris Chalet, George Lewis and Bill
      Wright.    Roy Savery and Brian Dacey turned up with bikes but decided against riding
       as it was cold and drizzling with rain – the warmth of Kav's car was far too appealing.
      Tony Purser also arrived by bike from his abode just a couple of miles away, he had no
       intention of riding round as he has had various health issues this year and thought
       he would 'save' himself for his ride home.

          After the obligatory ride mince pies, mulled wine and coffee was available and
       thoroughly enjoyed.

          A small group of Roy, Tony, Peter, Kav, Bill and myself decamped to the cafe for
       yet more coffee where we joined hosts of Father Christmases who had been running
       for charity earlier in the morning.    You can imagine the looks of bewilderment on some
       of the children's faces who were clearly convinced that there should only be one Father
       Christmas and he had come far to early anyway.
                                                               Val the Peach

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