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From the Archives
    A local rider is clearly unearthing some gems from the past which have
been lurking in his loft. On the website you will find the start
sheet of our open 10 held in 1981 where we had 2 full fields of riders and 117
disappointed prospective riders.

    Today I have received a result sheet of our 1976 10 mile event - again
also on the Tonbridge by pass. This event was organised by Kav with yet
another full field. On reading the list of finishers it reads almost like a who's
who from the past. Our own club riders featured well with Len Double finishing
2nd in 23.42, Tony 3rd in 24.11 and John Double 11th in 24.44 these three
riders took the team prize.

    Other club riders were : Steve White 25.15, Mick Valentine 25.42, Barry
Meens 26.12, Harry Marsh 26.51, Roger Hargreaves 27.22, John Woods
27.24 and Jeremy (?) Moore 28.22.

    The diary shows that it was a day that featured a cold northerly wind
which would have meant a head wind to the turn. What the result sheet
doesn't show however is that Tony rode on a borrowed bike - on returning
from a warm up ride his gear cable broke - clearly irrepairable at the time
but a close friend Peter Baker, then of the Southboro & Dist Whs, offered
his bike which Tony duly accepted. So thanks to a good samaritan we ended
up with a 'Double - Peachey - Double' sandwich for the team. Incidentally
Peter also rode and recorded 28.24.

    The 5mile Turn times were also taken - Len (11.20), Tony (12.02), John
(11.58), Steve (12.20), Mick (12.42), Barry (12.45), Harry (13.33), Roger
(14.03), John (13.20), Jeremy (14.00).

    As an aside Len collected £2 for 2nd place plus £1 for fastest rider to
the turn and a medal for the team, Tony collected £1.50 for 3rd place plus
a medal, whilst John had to make do with a medal, whilst the winner Mark
Vowells (San Fairy Ann) took home £4.

                                                                    Val the Peach

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