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Ride 1 May 30th -          in Kent - legs better than I thought. "Saddle" not!

Ride 2 June 10th -         in Yorks, on re-surfaced A roads, full of chippings!

Studiously observed the 20mph limit... Legs surprisingly OK and "saddle"

didn't complain - this was a major worry for the consecutive 144km/138km

rides of the real thing!!

Full disclosure - in addition to the sparse road rides, there are also,
interspersed among them, sessions on static facilities - gym bikes and
turbo-trainer. These indicates a rising power output, from "puny" to "less
puny, but don't post publicly". Details classified! :)
21/06/15 04:36

Ride 3 June 17th -         in Yorks. Tim made the mistake of compromising

his own training to take me out for a ride. Unless he enjoyed waiting for me

at the top of every hill/slope/raised kerb I don't think he'll do it again! Used

too much energy early on, otherwise not too bad.


Sunday 26 July

Max Dods Memorial

B-B-Q Herne Bay

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