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an e-mail from the webmaster of a local website down here in sunny
Kent. Apparently his son had been trying to sort out his loft and came across
the start sheet for our club open 10 in 1981. The event was held on the
Tonbridge by pass and sported a doubt field of 120 riders (240 in all) and
had to return a further 117. I am hoping to get a result sheet but we are not
sure of its existence.
Only a limited number of riders from the club are evident though an interesting
one late in the second field - I.Silvester !!! Having spoken to Ian he tells me
that David Lloyd won the event in 19.11 (Competition Record at the time)
whilst he recorded 20.21.
The 'autographs' on the start sheet are that of David Lloyd, Sean Yates and
Christian Yates, apparently the owner of the startsheet was an avid
autograph hunter at the time.
I noticed that Tony and I also didn't ride and dug out the diary for that time.
We had travelled north - Tony was chasing BBAR times then - I rode the
Beauvale 10 on Saturday in Leicestershire recording a mediocre time of 28.54
to claim the fastest lady award whilst Tony rode the Yorkshire Century 100
on Borough Bridge recording a 4.8.20, whilst Claire was just 9 so too young
to ride anything !!

                    Our riders in this event:-

  N. Lee (Juv), Miss S. Starsmeare (l/Juv),S. O’Dwyer (Juv), Miss S. Fuller (Lady),
  Miss F Starsmeare (L/Juv), M.Rice (Juv), Mrs. D. Valentine (Lady), M.Valentine,

                              C. Hubbard, D.Campbell, M.Harley

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