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  Here is a photo you might like to include in the DLN. It's of Jamie Batten and
  I riding a 6 day sportive called the "Explore Nice Metropole" held in the Alpes
  Maritime mountains. The event was organised by ASO,and featured approx
  3,000 metres of climbing for most of the days, with some wonderful high
  mountain passes ridden such as the "Col de Lombarde (from both the Italian
  and French) and the Col de Bonette (highest paved through road in Europe)
 - both of which featured in the 2008 TdF. You can google "Explore Nice
  Metropole" for more information.

 Also, another clubmen - Jeremy Philips - was spotted holding the wheel of
 Thibaut Pinot from FDJ, on a climb while riding in the Canary Islands.
I could not find Jeremy but he could be on

                    this road. Ed
  Devil's Guts on the VOTT, Gran Canaria

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