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Ashley Dennis  Catford CC   V 00:04:56
Wayne Van Ry   Bigfoot CC   V 00:05:12
Andrew Meilak  VeloRefined

Ian Silvester De Laune CC V 00:02:55

Mark Gidney De Laune CC V 00:01:53

Alan Rowe      De Laune CC V 00:05:06

David Haggart De Laune CC V 00:00:47

Peter Jenn     De Laune CC V 00:02:44

Roy Savery     De Laune CC V 00:02:01

Malcolm Adams De Laune CC V 00:01:04

Another well organised event yesterday by Jayne and I suspect a helping
hand from Dave Haggart, this was the 10mile TT on the Isle of Grain, and a
big thank you to the Ladies for the wonderful selection of cake they provided
of which the proceeds of the sale is donated to the Air Ambulance of Kent.

Let me add my congrats - it all looked to go off smoothly, usually a sign of
lots of effort behind the scenes.

I decided to start riding (on the road) again for the first time since last
August with a ride down to support the event and be on hand to help out if
needed as a spare pair of hands. Didn't quite work that way, starting with
leaving home about 2hrs late, encompassing the schoolboy error of not
allowing for the satnav (car) route being about 20kms shorter than the one
I actually took, and getting lost a few times along the way. (Less need for
direction signs now that everyone has a satnav I guess...).

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