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Many thanks to Royboy last week for organising the summer lunch at
Tatsfield – I’ve often heard about these dos, but rarely been to them before.
I had a great time despite being the youngest there, (but you did have the
honour of sitting next to the oldest, Ed), so thanks to all for making me feel
welcome. I really enjoyed my ride there and back as well. I can recommend
cycling in the countryside to you all – I must get out more!

Thanks also to all those who turned out to help with the marshalling at
Crystal Palace on Tuesday (23rd). I won’t list you all as I don’t think I saw
everyone who turned out – but it was a very well-run event, a full field of 100,
and I only saw one person falling off, as he went round the hairpin and clipped
his pedal. Not hurt though - always difficult going round clockwise, as I
remember. Christian Rudolf managed a competitive 13th in the 3 /4rd th cat race,
giving us someone to cheer for.

This morning (Sat 27th) I was at
Herne Hill Youth CC, and was
chatting with an 11-year-old. A
tiny spider dropped on his arm,
about as big as a pinhead. He
wondered if it was a Black
Widow spider, and I said that
was unlikely since they don’t
live here and are much bigger.
I then went on to explain that
the reason they are called
Black Widows is because the
female eats the male
immediately after mating. He
said, ‘If I was a male Black
Widow spider, I don’t think I’d
mate at all.


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