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Still, I arrived before the end of the event and there was plenty of yummy
cake still available which sorted out my immediate calorie needs. (Thanks

With a slight knee twinge evident and a feeling that the saddle had been
tenderising my "contact point" a bit too much, I was more than happy to
accept the offer of a lift home from Peter Jenn - thanks Peter! (I was feeling
a bit guilty about missing out on the 70km return leg but I'm over that now..

So, rocking up to another well-organised event that everyone seems to have
enjoyed, a chance to catch up with a few people, and a few miles in the legs
- what's not to like?

Alex Kirk      Dulwich Paragon CC  V42                                00:54:26
David Emery    Dulwich Paragon CC  V42                   00:57:04 00:54:30
Andrew Meilak  VeloRefined Aero    V48                   00:52:04 00:54:50
                                                         01:01:50 01:09:08
                                                         01:03:39 01:11:19

1 Geir Robinson Regents Park Rouleurs                    00:25:33
1 Rob Sharland Paceline RT
                                                      9  00:25:36

                                                         00:20:15 S27
                                                         00:25:26 V54
                                                         00:28:38 V79
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