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The Race to Truth: Blowing the whistle on Lance
        Armstrong and cycling's doping culture – Emma O’Reilly

                                   By Nigel Scales
       Emma O’Reilly was a girl who got into cycling at the top level as a soigneur –
                                           up to then a male-dominated  job – and
                                           survived, for a several years. This is all
                                           the  more  surprising  because  apart
                                           from  the  trail-blazing  role,  she  was
                                           also known as “the clean soigneur” at
                                           a  time  when  that  was  not  by  any
                                           means the norm.  The book describes
                                           her  journey  to  the  top  and  to  being
                                           Lance Armstrong’s soigneur of choice,
                                           despite her refusal  to get involved in
                                           the “medical programme” though she
                                           eventually  did  get  enmeshed  in
                                           elements  of  it  out  of  loyalty  to  the
                                           riders   and    particularly   Lance
                                           Armstrong.  Armstrong, aside from his
                                           well-documented “attack-dog” stance
                                           towards  anyone  who  threatened  the
                                           legend,  doesn’t  come  out  too  badly
                                           from the story. She relates how he was
                                           never  sexist  towards  her  and  even
       intervened with a new boyfriend at the start of the relationship to tell him
       to treat her properly.    He seems genuinely sorry for his own later treatment
       of her during the doping cases.

      The account lifts an interesting veil away from the goings-on that we had
       sight of as reported by the Press and some particular insights into the legal
       shenanigans and some interesting insights into some of the riders on the
       US Postal team.  It also explains O’Reilly’s decision to  break the “omerta”
       and what it cost her in her personal life..  Definitely worth a read if you want
       to complete your understanding of the saga – assuming you’ve read some

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