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      Thank you for your kind donation to Epilepsy Action. I'm looking forward to
       the  day  and  have  been  doing  plenty  regular  riding/training  here  around
       Swanage. A few weeks ago my other son Angus (12) and myself rode the Isle
      Wight Randonnee, starting and finishing at Lymington on the tandem 71 miles.

                                                 will be riding for Bloodwise, the
                             official  charity  partner  at  this  year's  Ride  London-
                             Surrey 100 on 30th July 2017. He has been involved
                             with the charity since the sudden death of his father
                             in  January  2015  from  AML  an  aggressive  form  of
                             leukaemia. It is through his involvement with Bloodwise
                             that he got interested in cycling and consequently
                             joined De Laune CC.

                             Donations to Bloodwise can be made via
                             preece1970-2017  and you can follow his training via
                             Strava, with additional updates on his Just Giving

      Other members known to have entered to ride this event:

                                Debbie Valentine

                                   Chris Chalet

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