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De Laune Open 10-TT Saturday 3rd June
      What a steep learning curve for me, 'organising' my first open event. Thanks
       to  Val  for  the  help  by  phone  or  email.  Unfortunately  we  have  to  rely  on
       timekeepers from other clubs so thank you to Ian Finch and his wife from
       Bexley C.C. for doing the finish. Thanks once again to Val for doing the start.
       It looked like we wouldn't have a tea bar either as no one came forward to
       run this but thanks to Tamsin for stepping in we took over £60. Thank you
       to the marshals, Titch, Brian and John, the pusher offers Mike and Roy. Also
       big thank you to Anne and Mick Hartley for doing the results. Tony for helping
       with the numbers and writing up the board before the race.

       It was a good day on the Isle of Grain ( Q10/24) if a bit windy.In fact it was
       so good course record went with a time of 20:12 by the winner Robert Moore
       of Nunn-Sigma Sport London.

       1st     Robert Moore  20:12 Nunn-Sigma Sport London.
       2nd    Steven Smith  21:38 Medway Velo
       3rd    Mark Baker   21:56 Abellio Velo

       1st       Simon Henderson   +04:42
       2nd      Laurence Martin   +4:30
       3rd      Bill Hawkes        +4:25 all from Thanet RC and they won the team prize
       Ist    Junior George Martin     24:33 Woolwich CC
       1st       Lady Jennifer Ramsey    29:48 Dulwich Paragon

      We had 4 riders and their times were Stephen Carter-Smith 25:25
       Dave Haggart 26:26, Malcolm Adams 28:49 and Mick Valentine 29:20

      Thanks to everyone and think the event went off fine in the end

             Max Dods Memorial Ride and BBQ

                            Sunday 30th July

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