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P. 3           July 2017                No. 1020- 88  Year
                CLUB NIGHT
             SECOND MONDAY
             OF EACH MONTH                 1889 DE LAUNE 2017
            104 BURBAGE ROAD                   CYCLING CLUB
             LONDON SE24 9HE
                                               All the President’s pen

             PRESIDENT                      Many of you will already have heard
        WILLIAM WRIGHT                      the  very  sad  news  of  Kenny  Legge,
         61a Burns House                    who  died  on  June  15 th  after  a  bike
            SE17 3SX                        accident the day before on Pilgrims
               020 7735 9605                Way.  Although  he  was  airlifted  to
                                            hospital,   Ken    never   regained
            ROY SAVERY        consciousness  and  passed  away  the  following
             01959 777455     morning. Our thoughts go to his wife Pauline and his
                              family, as well as his many friends who will miss him
             SECRETARY        greatly. He was only 78 and had many happy years
          JEREMY WHITE
          101 Manor Park      cycling ahead of him. At the time of writing I have
                    London    not had news of the funeral, please watch our Forum
                  SE13 5RQ    for more details.
            07565 151457
                             As you might hope, lots of our riders are out being
          RICHARD PREECE      active  this  time  of  year.  Eddie  Buckley  and  Cliff
             8b Wellfield Road  Steele were in the London Nocturne, and also racing
                  SW16 2BP    at  Crystal  Palace  too.  Lots  of  us  turned  out  at
               07580 813114
                              Crystal Palace for our marshalling night, which was
            MEMBERSHIP        a lot easier than riding it. It looks more brutal the
          DAVID HAGGART       older I get. So does Cliff.
         388 Elmers End Road
           Kent, BR3 3HG      I just realised why it was that my President’s Pen
            0208 658 7419     never got to you last month. While battling jetlag
                              and 35 degree heat I wrote it last month in a hotel
                              room in Malaysia. Are you feeling sorry for me yet?
                             Then I sent it to an earlier email address for Mark
                              which is now defunct, so despite beating the deadline
                              (just), I failed the system. Must try harder.
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