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As most of you know, I organize a French club run each year with the San
       Fairy Ann Easy Riders. I decided to go Saturday the 27 th May.

       Not realizing this was a Bank Holiday I thought I would have problems. I had
       an email from P&O ferries informing me that we could have delays up to one
       hour for security reasons. We all had to be on the same boat to be on the
       same club run.

       It turned out to be one of our best French club runs ever. I had a straight
       drive from Maidstone to Dover with no heavy traffic. Straight through to the
       boarding section. A few questions asked by the police and that was it.

       I met up with 15 guys for the run including Steve Valentine, Roy Savery,
       Steve and Henry Carter Smith and who should turn up at the last minute
       Peter Jenn, all from our club.

      We set off in glorious weather to our first stop  at a little bar in Guines. We
       had a few beers in the bar but after a few minutes the heavens opened up
       but, as I planned it, it stopped after 10 minutes.


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