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riding,  showing  an  astonishing  pace  on  the  climbs  and  looking  lean  as  a
       starving whippet.

       Corsica's awesome scenery featured, of course, in the Tour de France 2013
       and the locals there seemed truly 'sympathique' to us taking over their island
      - 'Allez! Allez!'

       Christian is pictured here on a training ride a couple of days earlier, atop the
       mighty Col de la Bonette. The other picture shows myself on a descent in
       Corsica during stage 3.

       Six hundred started and me and Christian finished in the top 100. Okay, so
       Cadel and Frank weren't shaking in their Sidis.

      The event first ran in Nice last year with just 35 riders so it's seriously picked
       up since then. Wherever it is next year, I'll be back.

                          RIDE LONDON-SURREY

                                                   Hello all, I'm taking part this
                                                   year  raising  money  for
                                                   Epilepsy  Action,  as  my  son
                                                   like many others who have had
                                                   epilepsy still suffers some of
                                                   the long term effects. Details
                                                   are                     here
                                                   I'm the one in the photo with
                                                   out the hair now!

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