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Day 4 - the worst day I have ever had on a bike. Set off late as had to wait
       for pharmacy for drugs for Achilles. Before long we were in the middle of
       nowhere in torrential rain and the headwind from hell, my average speed was
       even less than yesterday! By the middle of the afternoon I was soaked to
       the skin and bordering on hyperthermic. With no villages or towns for miles
       and  miles  for  some  rest
       bate, i changed out of all my
       wet  clothes  in  a  derelict
       barn putting on my sleeping
       clothes  instead.  By  early
       evening I had a very upset
       stomach,  having  to  make
       emergency stops behind a
       hedge every 5km or so (still
       in  the  torrential  rain  and
       gale force winds). Just gone
       11pm I finally limped into a
       b&b,  with  not  one  good
       thing to say about the day
       other than thank goodness
       it  was  over!  Only  230km,
       averaging just 15km an hour
       because of the wind. actually I do have one good thing to say... I have never
       met more wonderful people in the world than the Irish we are crossing paths
       with on our route. Such amazing acts of kindness to us all day long.

       I have had to scratch as my Achilles is well and truly buggered. Im absolutely
       gutted. Despite the doctors telling me not to ride yesterday (because they
       always do) i dosed myself up and rode on. But this morning at 4am when I
       headed out on the bike I couldn't even tolerate the pain for 100m. It was
       excruciating. Too many events coming up the rest of the year too damage it
       any further, so despite my disappointment this adventure is over .

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