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The Transatlantic way Race

                           2,500km unsupported bike packing race
                         Ended  in  disappointment  for
                         the three of them and this is
       what they had to say.:-  .

       Bit of an early stop tonight, sooo tired and my
       knees  taken  a  bit  of  a  beating  from  the  2  big
       passes we had to get over today including The Gap,
       had to walk a bit up that one!! Amazing B&B, the
       lovely host is doing my laundry as we speak and is
       getting up at 3 to make my eggs, all for e30. So
       early night for me oh and it didn't rain today!
        Knee  too  sore  to  pedal.  I'm  out.  Hugely
       disappointed but feel it's the right thing to do

                                                       This  was  not  my  race!  I
                                                       scratched  yesterday.  I
                                                       felt strong and had a lot
                                                       of power left but my new
                                                       cleat,  pedal,  bike  set  up
                                                       caused IT band problems.
                                                       Stabbing  pains  in  my
                                                       lower legs started on day
                                                       2  so  I  took  it  easy  but
                                                       they  only  got  worse  and
                                                       worse. I took time refitted
       my bike, researched solutions but nothing helped. At least I know I am in
       pretty good shape this year and got an excuse to buy a new bike!

       Last year in this event Paula was the first Lady to finish and second overall.

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