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               AGM Minutes Saturday 22  April 2017 at 14.00hrs
            The Herne Hill Velodrome, 104 Burbage Road, SE24 9HE.

              A minute’s silence was held for Brian Stout, John Woodburn,
              George Beretta, Michele Scarponi and Gordon Gibbons.

       1  Apologies for absence: Claire & Ian Silvester, Kav, Nigel Scales
          and Dave King
       2  Election of Chairman: Roy Savery
       3  Adoption of the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held
          11  March, 2016: Agreed
       4  Matters arising: That the minutes of this AGM be circulated
       5  Election of Officers for 2017 (Committee Positions):

                                  Committee Posts

                 President                 Bill Wright
                 Past President            Malcolm Adams
                 Chairman                  Roy Savery

                 General Secretary         Jeremy White
                 Membership Sec            Dave Haggart
                 Treasurer                 Richard Preece

                 DLN Editor                Mark Ballamy
                 Web site Editor           Mike Peel
                 Property Steward          Jon Archdeacon

                 Club Captain              Richard Preece
                 Club Vice Captain         John Kavanagh
                 Road Race Sec             Eddie Buckley

                 Time Trial  Sec           Alan Rowe
                 Track Sec                 Jeremy White

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