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Treasurers Report 8  May, 2017

       Community Account movements   8  March - 8  May  2017
       Income                   Expenditure
       Subs      £150.00        Hall hire  Feb/March/April  £90.00
       Donations  £65.00        Retiring Treasurers Postage  £16.31
       Clothing  £683.50        SERRL affiliation        £60.00
       Postage   £2.85          Bioracer clothing        £3852.00
       Book Sale     £10.00     Lenham Hall Hire                 2 x 10 TT
                                                           19.8.17 + 16.9.17 £20.00
       Plenty to report on this month.

      The new order of Bioracer kit should be with us on the Committee night
       therefore those that have ordered clothing will be happy.     The invoice for
       the complete order has been met in full.

      The high income from clothing sales refer, in the main, to the run on the
       highly discounted Giordana clothing.    This has been a worthwhile exercise
       in an endeavour to clear the substantial stocks still to hand.      I think, if we
       embark upon a new style kit again we should take into account all existing
       stock before a new strip introduction.
      A sale of the Century Awheel has been recorded above.   I have just 3 copies
       in stock of this publication.

      The last of the hall hire charges for Streatham & Marlborough Cricket Club
       has been made.   Chalky has sent a very nice e-mail to the organisation for
       accommodating us for the last 3 years.

      Affiliation for the SERRL has been met to allow our members to ride the
       promotions of that organisation, our commitment to assisting in an event
       has also been met.
       Parking and toilet facilities have been booked for our 2 club 10's in August
       and September.

      This will be my last monthly report as Richard Preece will have full control
       from this meeting.
      Val the Peach

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