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Dear sir/madam
       I am contacting you from the UKs number one cycling magazine for leisure
       and touring. Our website is
      We have a print circulation of over 40,000 monthly and we also reach over
       100,000  passionate  interactive  cyclists  through  social  media  and  are  an
       exclusive partner to British cycling where their whole 110,000 members get
       free access to our publication via our app.
       Magazine features
      The best Places to stay, things to do & where to go, we are currently working
       on features worldwide promoting hotels, b&b’s, hostels, nutrition suppliers,
       bike shops, bike manufacturers, cycling equipment, holiday providers, various
       charities, cycling events & vast reviews.
      On Social media we have
          ·    13,200 followers on twitter
          ·    2,000 followers on Facebook (along with exclusive pages that
              allow us to share content)
          ·    2,000 on instagram
       we  combine  our  magazine  together  with  social  media  promotion  to
       maximise your coverage when you buy a half page or a full-page advert.
       It would be great to get yourselves involved we have advertising space’s
       available for July, including our accommodation & retail directory’s with
       over 15,000 unique views per month.
       please let me know if this is of interest and I can send over our media pack
       & some further information.
       I hope to hear from you soon.

       Many Thanks & warm Regards,
       Mr Vinny Deadman
       sales executive & marketing representative
       Ext; 01227 750 153
       Myrtle Oast, Kemsdale Road
       Fostall, Faversham
       Kent, ME13 9JL

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