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My thanks must go to the happy band of willing helpers on the day, without
       whom we would have no event.    Club folk who supported us were Roy Savery,
       Malc Adams, Alan Rowe, Alan Constable, Tich, Stack and Kav, Mick & Debbie
      Valentine, Len Brown and Mike Peel.     In the cakes and spoons department
       were Lyn Adams, Jean Rowe and Pat Brown.
       Unfortunately we had to enlist the help of outside timekeepers this year as
       all our spare timekeepers were unavailable, nevertheless my good friend Paul
       Mepham  and  his  club  mate  John  Clegg  volunteered  and  were  suitably
       thanked with a bottle of wine each.
       Many riders have phoned or e-mailed thanking us for a well promoted, well
       marshaled event with a friendly general atmosphere.

                             PLEASE NOTE

             Roy Savery is not able to organise the Summer Lunch

            So unless there is a member who can take on this job

                        There will not be a lunch in JUNE.

             Max Dods Memorial Ride and BBQ

                            Sunday 30th July

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