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Alison is Alf Wason’s daughter
       Hi Alison please give your Dad mine and the De Laune's birthday greetings.
       Mark Ballamy
       I will do going to see him this evening he is in The Old Rectory  Care Home at
       Langton Matravers. Thank you for your good wishes.

                   is now back playing golf four times a week.

                              ARE YOU WATCHING
       BIKE Channel UK, the first television channel totally dedicated to the
       world of cycling. Sport, adventure, legends and insights from the world
       of bikes.  24/7 cycling television. Find us on
                                      Sky 464,

                                 Virgin Media 552
                                     Freesat 251.
      Also on your computer there is the UCI Channel

       In case you missed it..

       (I thought BBC employed researchers to investigate "stuff" so that he Beeb
       didn't end up with egg on its face...)

       NOW it's clear drones present a risk..

       Italian cop and Spectator both behaving badly:

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