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De Laune CC  Fred Peachey Memorial - Open 25.

      The Club Open 25 was held on Sunday 21 st May on a warm, bright and fairly
       wind free day.   Unfortunately the entry of just 35 did not match those
       received in earlier years but we made the best of what we had.
       It was good to see 3 club entries of Richard Preece, Steve Carter Smith and
      Adrian Bond.   For Adrian it was his first ever 25 so he was well pleased with
       his 1.6.20 ride, good enough to earn him the Club 25 Championship Trophy
       for 2017.     Runner up was Steve Carter Smith with 1.8.48.     One thing you
       can say of Steve he is consistent, he did 1.8.22 in the same event last year
       !!!    Richard apologised for not riding, finding his work commitments proving
       too much at this point in time to get enough training and sleep in. (

       It was rather fortunate that the event was well supported by the Thanet
       Road Club (Malc's other club).    They fielded 7 riders and romped home with
       most of the prizes finishing 1 st, 2 nd , 4 th, 5 th, 6 th , 18 th and 26 th.

      The fastest on the day was Chris Fennell with 52.25, second was his brother
       Nic Fennell 55.11, and third was John Osborn from the Hythe CC with 57.15.
       Obviously Chris will be the custodian of the Fred Peachey trophy once we get
       the engraving completed.

       Fastest lady was Bronwen Ewing, Rye & Dist Wheelers in 1.0.11 which gave her
       a new course record originally set in 1994 of 1.2.13 by Carole Gandy.
       Fastest Junior was Fabien Large in 1.3.25 who claimed the prize money and
       the Johnson Trophy for one year.

       Obviously the fastest team were Thanet RC of Chris and Nic Fennell backed
       up by Simon Henderson with 57.32
      Veterans  on  standard  were  Bronwen  Ewing,  Simon  Henderson  and  John

       I should add that Bronwen picked up a total of £45 in prize money but
       insisted that I donate this to a charity of my choice that Dad would have
       supported.      Being  a  'Battersea'  family  Dad  always  supported  the  work
       undertaken by this charity so this was the destination of this money.

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