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              1                    Malcolm Adams
              2                    Alan Rowe
              Handbook Editor      Mike Peel

              Silverdale How
              1                    Nigel Scales
              2                    Malcolm Adams
              3                    Mark Ballamy

              4                    David Haggart
              Club Auditors
              1                    Derek Boon
              2                    Alan Constable
              Reserve              Chris Cowlard
              Club Archivist       Malcolm Adams

              Clothing Sec         Christian Rudolf
              DLN Distribution     Brian Saxton
              BAR Co-ordinator Malcolm Adams
              SERRL Rep            Christian Rudolf

       7      Adoption of the Accounts for 2016
              The accounts have been audited in accordance with Club Rule 1.10
              Approved with a vote of thanks to Val for all the hard work that
              she put in as Treasurer.

       7(b)   Memorial Fund Report for 2016

              Bill Wright presented the attached report which was

              a)     The following Rule changes be adopted:

              Rule 1.3. Delete the third and fourth sentences (beginning

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