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Amongst the events were junior and juvenile racing, boys and girls, various disciplines. It was intended to have veterans and ladies racing but unfortunately this was not well supported and did not go ahead, although Brian Dacey and Roly Crayford were there in hope of getting in some racing. There were also ‘penny farthings’ racing and finally a ‘come and try it’ session. A pleasant morning and early afternoon was enjoyed (albeit a bit chilly) by quite considerable body of spectators, and the De Laune were there in force. Jayne and Jules, Steve Valentine, Bill Wright and the golden oldies for their annual fix, Roy boy, Mike Peel, Alan, myself, and Brian Dacey. We also met up with an old member from the mid 70’s, Glen Heath, who got in a ride or two on the track. On the racing front, I said I was dusting off the cobwebs and might beat ‘evens’, well not quite 30.04! I followed this up the next two consecutive weeks with 29.08 and getting there. Alan did 28.41 in the Brighton Mitre (hilly) ‘10’ on Easter Saturday, which I thought would be a vets record but on checking I had overlooked that Roy Boy did a 25.45 at age 75. Keep going Alan! By the time you read this (if you receive hardcopy DLNs), our club ‘15’ will have taken place and we will look forward to our open ’10’ on Saturday afternoon, (Isle of Grain course 31 May). We have a great prize list in st th celebration of our 125 year, over £800. The event secretary is Jayne, so please come out and help her with the marshalling duties, and if we are over booked with volunteers, please come out anyway so we show a great presence in this our first 125 celebration promotion- the cakes are great! th Think that about covers it for this month. 4
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