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Earnest Stafford Carlos 1883-1917 Earnest Carlos was a South London artist, his most famous painting is ‘The Pathfinder’ which he presented to Baden – Powell. If you recognise it there is a good chance you have followed ‘Coronation Street’ at sometime, as a copy hangs in the ‘Barlow’ household at number one. The Pathfinder Earnest was educated firstly at St John’s the Divine Middle Class school Kennington, then on to Lambeth Art School and finally to Royal Academy school in 1901 for 3 years, then a further 2 years. He was to become a soldier and also founder of the 107 London Troup th st which became the 21 Camberwell Scout Group and many of his paintings are of scouts. Earnest had first volunteered to join the army in 1914 but was rejected on medical grounds so he became involved in social work in St George’s 8
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