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As promised last month here are the other two photos sent to me by Alured, of his grandparents. The one on the left is familiar to many of you, for it was given to us by Margaret and it used to hang in our clubroom in Choumert Road. PAST PRESIDENT'S PORTRAITS Alured by Margaret by Earnest Stafford Carlos Charles Goldsborough Anderson Charles Goldsborough Anderson. (1865 – 1936) I could find very little about Charles, who painted Margaret, except that he th was born in Tynemouth, Northumberland on 6 Nov1865. He married a Mary Moberley in 1895 in Lewisham. Mary was born in Erith on 20 July 1867 th th nd and died 22 July 1944, Charles died 16 Feb.1936. 7
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