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I hope that you will join us on this 125 year celebratory ride. My intention th is to encourage some of our racing members to join us, along with other club members who have never been to Newnham, which was the village home of our founder. The basis of the route is to travel around De Laune countryside, along country lanes which are as quite as they were in the fifties, passing various abodes of the families the De Launes married into. I have yet to work out the exact route but it should be around 35 miles, so that we can be back at the George by 1.00pm for a ploughmans and a pint. For those less active I am hoping Kav will take you on a short walk up to Sharsted Court and along the path to Doddington Church which is the resting place of many of the De Laune family. I have checked the Cycling Time Trials handbook and there is no racing that day in the south, being Bank Holiday weekend, so no excuses you racers, with the exception of a couple of you who I know are on holiday. Please make the effort to attend, you won’t experience such quite lanes anywhere else in the Garden of England. Malcolm 6
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