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This might sound obvious but confusion can arise if they were riding differ- ent events. 3b/ This would also apply if a current age record is broken but an older rider goes quicker at an earlier time on the same day. EG. . Clare at age 43 does 24.00 and is first to finish, then Sally does 24.09 ten minutes later, and whilst she has beaten the old record of Jill’s she has not beat- en the new record now standing to Clare, that is if Sally is also age 43. However if Sally is older than Clare then she would also have a claim. Obvi- ously if Sally was first to finish both her and Clare would have broken the previous record held by Jill. If this is as clear as mud my best advice is to make your claim to your new TT secretary, Alan Rowe or to me, as I will be doing the recording, and we will do the rest. Good Luck to all you ladies. MALCOLM 11
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