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The amount of support on the hill was great considering the conditions, for
we stood in the rain for two and a half hours to shout the riders through.

The SGM was held on Monday 14 October, and the majority of those who
attended voted for the anniversary kit to be adopted as the official club
kit. The new kit has to be registered with British Cycling, however, this does
not stop members to continue to purchase the Giordana kit, if that is their
preference, as we do have large stock. This does mean that they will be
unable to compete in BC events wearing it, time trials and LVRC events, no
problem. However, we may be able to register both kits for 2014, due to the
ambiguity of the current British Cycling ruling.

This month I hope to see many of you at the Memorial Service & Lunch at
Newnham on Sunday 17th, and the following Friday which is our annual
Belgium Night.


1912 to 2013
It is always sad when we lose a member especially our
oldest and longest serving member having joined the
club on the 4 March 1937. Bill soon became an active
member he was out on the club run on the 6 which was
a very snowy day, he rode in the Club Novices on the

4 April taking second place with a time of 01:10:42. He
soon got involved in the organizing and started a YHA
group who would spend week-ends away staying in the
Hostels and going on tour abroad. He took on the job of TT Sec 1939- 40
at the time he was also giving a lot of time with ARP duties at the PLA
where he worked, he then received his call up papers 1941 to join the Queens
Royal Regt. Which was the oldest in England having been formed in 1661 to
fight the Moors in Tangier. Bill was our President 1974 -1976, and still riding
his bike and Ball Room dancing till quite recently, he loved his dancing and
was always the first on the floor with his late wife Doreen at club functions.
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