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From the DLN November 1939: Bill rarely shines in club events, but keeps
his best performances for opens. Undoubtedly his 4:49:49 in the Jubilee
‘100’ was his best ride to date and it earned him first handicap. He was
the second club member to beat ‘evens’ in the B.A.R. Contest with rides of
2:18:06, 4:49:49 and 215 miles - a performance even Fred Hooper never
achieved. He won the De Laune Bowl in 1:8:56 and this was his sole club
success. Bill believes in having his ’tubs’ as hard as a board and
consequently suffers an excess of punctures. In addition to his riding he
has worked very hard, and successfully, as a racing sec. So produce your
open form in club events Bill, and you will yet be our champion. .

With the passing of Bill Miles, Tom now becomes our oldest member at the
age of 96. I am not sure when Tom first joined the club but I do know he
was very active in the 30’s and 40’s and looking through the DLN for that
time I see that he was quite an Cartoonist See below, .

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