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The Championships were held from the 6th - 12th
October at Manchester Velodrome and I'd
entered all five events - namely - 2km Pursuit,
Sprint, 500m TT, 5km Scratch and 10km Points,
competing in the 75+ age group.

First event was the Pursuit where I qualified
fastest in 2m 53.5s just over a second slower
than the World Best Time for the age group. As
I had a couple of seconds in hand over the 2nd
rider I decided to gear up for the Gold-Silver ride
off in the hope of setting a new best time. This
very nearly proved to be a costly mistake. At the
halfway point I had a good advantage but then
the gear started to die on me and I was very
fortunate to hang on to win by four tenths of a
second, being over a second slower than my
qualifying time!

The following day was the Sprint which was a 70+
event with one set of medals. Prior to the first
round I was violently sick (something I'd eaten?) and had to pull out. All the
medals were taken by three Americans in the 70-74 age group.

Next was the 5km Scratch race which again was combined with the 70-74's
but with two sets of medals. I was overhauled in the last lap by my good
friend and sparring partner Roly Crayford of the San Fairy Ann in sixth &
seventh place to take Gold & Silver in the 75+.

Followed by the 500m TT (not my best event) won by Roly in a time two
tenths of second short of the World Best Time. I finished 4th beaten for
the Bronze by an 81 year old!

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