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New members for 2006 included Simeon Schmidt, David Dulake, Jon
Archdeacon, Simon Lowe, Rasa Augatis, Joanna Carritt, Morag Duff and
Marie Brunborg. Tragedy struck the Ryll CC when a clubrun was hit by a
motorist killing 4 riders, the club sent a donation to their fund for the
families. An organisation - Road Peace - was formed which pledged to
act on behalf of the cycling community by drawing attention to the recent
high number of accidents involving cyclists. £50 donation was sent to
support their efforts.
As feared the Eastway circuit was taken out of commission in readiness
for the 2012 Olympic Park, alternative circuits were being sought.

A working party of Bill Wright, Mike Peel, Alan Rowe & James King were
commissioned to investigate the advantages that may be gained by the
Club becoming a Community Amateur Sports Club and how it may impact
on the current rules. The Memorial Fund Rules would require amending in
due course and checked by a solicitor to ensure compliance with CASC
status and Trust Laws. The opportunity was also taken to review the
General Club Rules for completeness. The meeting for sanction of the
above was scheduled for October where 18 members attended.

A completely new look DLN dropped through our letterboxes this year
enabling Mark to produce superb photos and striking front covers. Many
members received their 50 years of membership tumblers - one recipient
Brian Saxton suggested that if you fill the glass with whiskey the engraving
of the club badge stands out quite clearly having drunk the contents -
though beware, you could lose sight of the glass and in extreme cases your
hand ! Spotted for sale on the internet - Century Awheel - £85 - how many
did we give away ???

A social trip to London by train to an exhibition caused entertainment to
fellow travellers. The fun started after purchasing 50p tickets at the
unmanned station - the balance being paid on the train. The guard was
presented with 50p receipts for the 10 travellers plus travel vouchers
wort£10 each, which meant the amount owing was a total of £4.50. Guard
had never seen the vouchers before, but took pity and decided not to throw
these OAP's off at the next station for peace of mind.

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