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The last event being the 10km Points Race (40 Laps) with sprints every 10
laps with points of 5,3,2,1 for the first four riders over the line (again
combined 70-74 & 75+ with separate medals)

In the first sprint I was 3rd with Roly 4th. In the second sprint I was again
3rd and realised Roly had pulled out so with the other 75+ riders having
been dropped I didn't need to contest the last sprints to win the 75+ Gold.
Peter Jenn rode in the 65-69 age category competing in the Pursuit,
Scratch Race and Points Race but unfortunately didn't make the medals.


Turn-out to support our rides was a bit sparse this year, but thanks to all
those who came out to see my triumphant sprint across the finishing line.
And especial thanks to Dave H for lending me his bike - toe-clips would have
been ideal but nice wide road platform pedals worked surprisingly well with
my by rainers and luckily my socks were long enough to hold my chinos
[casual denim trousers in case anyone doesn't know] in check and away
from the chain. If I'd known how much easier it is to ride uphill on a pukka
road bike rather than my alloy trainer, with heavy wheels, a few bottles,
lights, saddlebag with essentials (tubes, tools, bivvy bag, sleeping bag,
hexy-burner for that mid-ride survival brew, mess-kit etc) I'd probably get
one, train seriously and be faster-ish! And I think the reversed De Laune
rain jacket both looked stylish and was suitably aero.. (Blue, White and the
trainers supplied the obligatory touch of brown..

Can't wait to see the photos!

Pity I couldn't make gold or silver position but, hey-ho, first time on a bike
on the road since last October, in slippery conditions, it's a miracle I stayed
upright to cross the line! (Sorry, Dave, did I forget to mention the lack of
wobble-free miles before I borrowed your steed..? - Well, you did suggest it).

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