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The next of the group to pay also had a rail discount card and wanted
to pay the balance by credit card, to cap it all the next traveller ran out
of money and only had Euros. The guard, at this point, gave up the will to
live, and disappeared muttering something about 'silly old farts'. The
vagaries of old age. A training tour undertaken in Cornwall by Sam
Fensterheim and James King was reported on. Staying with Sam's
grandparents they covered some hard scenic routes but also appeared to
be well fed by Nan. The following month the intrepid pair rode
London-Bristol-London, they covered 6 counties, 300 miles in 19 hours -
don't ask about the food. Clearly all this hard training paid dividends, for
Sam won the SERRL event promoted by the De Laune in April and his
winning 'salute' featured on the front of the DLN.

The pages of the DLN were filled with results from time trials, road races,
circuit races, mountain bike races. Jayne Wadsworth enthralled us with
an article following her epic sportive ride in Norway, while James Lyon rode
from Dulwich to Dunwich (120 miles) overnight, his companions were Jayne,
Ross and James King. They added a further 30 miles to Ipswich where
they caught a train home classing it as an excellent Saturday night out.
Roy Savery's 70th birthday coincided with the Open 25 he thought he
would enter and get a good standard - not so. He sent his entry to the
wrong address - he was press ganged into marshalling - not a good idea
as he sent 3 riders the wrong way. To cap it all he lost his car keys and
had to be taken home by Mike Peel to collect Gina and his spare keys and
return to the car park to retrieve his car - happy birthday ?? George
Wood, at the age of 85 entered an event - a swimathon - to raise money
for a local charity - he swam for an hour and raised £271 - he did admit
to stopping for a chat in between. It was good to see the De Laune jersey
in so many different parts of the world, Brian Saxton wrapped round a tree
whilst skiing, Roy Savery in Austria (World Masters), Ross Fryer in the Alps,
and a blast from the past but not in club kit Bill Miles, Jack Young and
Ron Hoare on the summit of the Galibier in 1939. Alan Jackson was
remembered for his classic ride and bronze medal in the 1956 Olympic
Games Road Race.

All information and snippets of club life have been culled
from minutes + DLN publications

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