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The problem was that the bikes were very heavy with hub-brakes, hub-
dynamos, and hub-gears. Typical Dutch bikes. If yours fell over, you had to
get help to put it up straight.

Our first riding day was to Antwerp, about 30 miles. We did not take
sandwiches as recommended so we got the knock for the last few miles. I
can hear you say the knock after only 30 miles. Let me explain. With the
bikes being heavy and a 25mph cross wind and a track only about 24 inches
wide. If you went 25 inches to the left you went into the ditch or 25 inches
to the right you went into the canal. It was hell.

Not far from the barge, which was docked in Antwerp, Dick fell off. He had
got ‘the knock’. He also hurt his leg, so that was the last day of cycling
for him. The next day we made our way to Gouda known for its cheese. This
was 25 miles.

This turned out to be not a bike ride but more of a burn up! We had a young
lad who was our leader and a very pretty young fit American girl who was
half-wheeling him. The pace got faster and faster on this long straight road.
I hung on for all I was worth. I had to because I had my new De Laune vest
on. Looking around I could not see a soul. The young lady said something
like “The old boy is still on the back”. She kicked again and I was off the
back. Whatever happened to Stax and Titch I do not know.

The next couple of days I gave the bikes a miss. The last day the barge
made its way up to Amsterdam, where we had an interesting day. The rest
of the group rode into Amsterdam. There was plenty of traffic, not cars,
but bicycles. They came at you from all different directions and how we did
not see a lot of accidents, I do not know. We ended up in the Red Light
area. We did not know we were in it until a lady knocked on her window and
asked us if we wanted to come in?

Was it a good holiday? Yes. Would I do it again? Yes, if I were 30 years

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