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Henry had a possible 3 sons. There was Charles and Gideon (again!), and
probably Nicholas. Henry was residing in Gurteen Roe, County Cork in 1654
(Dec 26 ) for State papers record a transfer from Gideon DeLawne,
apothecary, of a £15 share in the Irish Adventure to his nephew, Henry of
Gurteen Roe.
He would have been great nephew.

This Henry is remembered by his published Patrikon Doron: Or a Legacy to
His Sons (as mentioned in last month’s DLN)- a theological, moral, political
and economic precepts: “the dictates of paternal solitude and long experience.”

A Mr. Park who owned a copy wrote this description of the work on the fly
leaf. "This book was first printed in 1651, and entitled, A Father's Legacy
to his Sons. The whole was comprised in 253 stanzas, and a short Poem
was subjoined, which bore the title of The Penitent Christian his
Metamorphosis., by H. Delaune. London, Printed for Henry Seile. Of this
sensible author, I have not yet obtained any biographical information ;

. (It is more likely these verses were written by
Henry’s father, Henry – son of Isaac. This Henry could not have been more
than an infant in 1624, whereas Henry Senior was a man in his 20s.) The
preceptive admonitions in this volume are morally estimable, and the
versification is in general correct. Many passages strongly resemble the
Night Thoughts of Young, in pithiness of style and force of expression."

Henry's opus consists of a collection of useful, moral and religious precepts
from a father to his children, written in rather a quaint and formal style,

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