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but "worthy of being adopted by all who read
them." The following stanzas form a portion of
the third section, beginning at the 72nd stanza.
72. The World's a Farm : The Landlord God :
and We Tenants therein ; The Greatest, but
at Will : What folly then, (as if, in simple Fee,
The Soyl were ours ;) So to Build, Fence, & Till
73. Bend all the Siuews of your Mind and Brain;
To make a Purchase, of a lasting Date :
Celestial Mansions ; Where you may remain For
erer fixt ; in spite of Time and Fate.
74. The World's a Piccadilly ;* Time, a Guest ; Love, Man, and Death ;
where they, Consorted, play ; Time sales, I pass ; Love vies ; Man sets his
Rest ; Death sees it ; Wins, and sweepeth all away.

75. The World's a Stage ; and We the Actors are ; Our Door of Entrance,
is, our Mother's Wombs ; We play our Parts, in sundry Scenes of Care;
And make our Exit, All, into our Tombs.

76. The World's a Tennis-Court ; The Gamester, Fate ; The Racket, Time ;
Men are the Tennis-Bals ; Fortune, the Line ; The Markers, Envy, Hate ;
The Hazard Death ; and Care, and Toyl, the Wall.

77. The World's a Garden, hedg'd with thorns of Care : Pluck May discreetly
;Time, is best for you. Hearts-Ease, herein, you will find thinne, and spare;
Of St. John's Wort, not much : but store of Yew.
78. The World's a Sea, that ever Ebbs, and Flows : Where nothing's fixt,
but all Things move to Change. Lay hold still on the Present : For who
knows What next Day's light may bring, of new and strange.

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